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What is a good Email Strategy

Email marketing is the most versatile marketing channel being one of the most robust, affordable and giving great results. It has been and will be a channel that many businesses rely on to drive their marketing efforts.
Everyone having an online presence today has an email address where you can reach them with different forms of content – from simple text to fancy HTML.
This means, you can drive the whole marketing funnel – acquisition, engagement and conversion with the right strategy.

What contributes for a great Email Strategy?

– highly relevant and personalized content
– engaging the user at the right moment
– a good “senders” reputation
– experimentation/iteration
The core of great strategies revolve around providing something valuable to your consumer.

Highly relevant and Personalized content:

Emails are essentially conversations, so the content has to be as human as possible. Your subscribers are more likely to respond or act on emails that TALK to them.
You should write to them as individuals, not as a crowd. The more you treat them like individuals, the more the chance of them recognizing you as a company (or a brand) that cares for them and their time.
This means using their name (usually the first name) as contextually as possible, and heavily segmenting based on every piece of information you have on them. A user you know has browsed for laptops on your site but did not purchase, will more likely engage with you when you send them a “Best Laptop Deals for you” email rather than a generic one.

Engaging the user at the right moment:

This is a tough nut to crack, but a highly rewarding one if you manage to. Your subscribers are more likely to respond to your emails when they see them in context. The best laptop deals email above can work wonders if sent the same or the next day, but will fall flat if sent a week or a month later.
This is not something that can be done manually, and this is where Email Automation shines. Setting up the correct flows on any automation platform (like ours) will help you reach the user effectively. For the “Best Laptop Deals for you” email, the flow could be as simple as “Send Best Laptop Deals for you email one day later they browsed your site for Laptops and did not purchase”.

A good “senders” reputation:

This is stating the obvious, but you should make sure that your reputation is good and maintained. You can’t reach your users if the emails land in spam instead of their inbox. Almost all email sender apps today like Sendgrid, Mandrill, Falconide etc provide this management in one way or the other.


Its hard to get everything right in the first go, if not impossible. You stumble, fall flat and fail countless times; but you learn from the failures and iterate from these learnings.
Doing this manually can be a literal hell; and again Automation becomes the savior here. With automation, you would be able to test out your emails and tweak them towards the best auto”magic”ally.
We hope this helps 🙂
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